Merge Sort algorithm in Java

This is a very simple Java implementation of the popular merge sort algorithm.
I decided to put this here because I needed to refresh my knowledge of sorting algorithms, problem is I could not find an easy-to-understand implementation online, so I decided to implement my own version and share it in case someone is struggling on understanding how to implement this algorithm. I think this is the shortest implementation ever.


Merge sort works by splitting the original array into halves several times until many subarrays of size 1 are obtained.
The algorithm then merges back every subarray in such a way that the result of merging two subarrays is a single, sorted array twice as big as the subarrays.
The process is repeated until an array of the same size of the input array is obtained.

Here is an example:

              [24, 3, 17, 109, 6, 72, 11, 0]                  Unsorted input

      [24, 3, 17, 109]              [6, 72, 11, 0]            Split #1

   [24, 3]       [17, 109]      [6, 72]        [11, 0]        Split #2

  [24]  [3]     [17]  [109]    [6]  [72]      [11]  [0]       Split #3

   [3, 24]       [17, 109]      [6, 72]        [0, 11]        Merge #2
       [3, 17, 24, 109]             [0, 6, 11, 72]            Merge #3
              [0, 3, 6, 11, 17, 24, 72, 109]                  Merge #4 : Sorted output

This is a very simple introduction to the algorithm, more details on Wikipedia.

Give me the code!

Here’s the code I wrote that implements this merge sort, it can be improved a lot especially on the space it requires to run, you’ll see that at every iteration two new subarrays are created, this is not optimal if we need to save memory.

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