Welcome to The Code Butchery, a blog about bloody coding. My name is Francesco Rigoni, I am an Italian software developer currently working somewhere else than Italy because of reasons. I’ve been doing this stuff for well over 10 years now, this is my personal project, a space where I can do what I want, and post about stuff I really enjoy. Like most developers, I like coding and solving problems, I also like (and practice) Wing Chun Kung Fu, playing music and, you know, other human stuff.
That’s pretty much it, I hope you enjoy reading my articles, if you do please help me grow by sharing my stuff!

Sincerely Yours, The Code Butcher.

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Hi there! If you’ve read this far maybe you think this was useful, or fun, or I don’t know what but for some reason You Got Here! Great! Please consider sharing this post with your network, I am trying to get The Code Butchery to grow so I can provide more content like this, will you help me in my journey? Thank you!

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